How to Make a Hot Dog

I was with a couple of peeps the other day and the topic of conversation turned to hot dogs.  Person A stated that they were quite fond of hotdogs, to which Person B said, “Well, then you certainly don’t want to see how they’re made.”  Of course, Person A promptly agreed with Person B.

“If you like hot dogs, then you don’t want to see how they’re made.”  That’s a phrase that I’ve heard different iterations of my entire life.  But honestly, shouldn’t that phrase alone be enough to dissuade anyone from eating a hot dog?

Think about it.  The process is so disgusting that if you saw it in action, you would cease to ever again desire a hot dog.  But if you only know — or I suppose, have only heard various rumblings — that the hot dog making process is repulsive beyond your wildest imagination, well then, hey, what’s the problem?  Toss some mustard and canned chili on that footlong and pass it on over.  Like a tree falling in the forest — If you don’t see it, it didn’t happen.

Oh, which reminds me:  Does anyone know when a Sonic is going to open in Los Angeles?  I’m, uhh, asking for a friend…